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Summer Cocktail Party Inspirations!

Summer Cocktail Party Inspirations!

Summer is coming! Yay!!! It's finally time to bust open the doors and drink cocktails on the patio. I've been dreaming up ideas, and I've found a lot of cute bits and pieces of inspiration on Pinterest. Check out my pinterest boards for more ideas on dining, entertaining, weddings, and more! 


First things first, I love a good beverage station. These are exciting to put together, and lots of fun for your guests to explore. Keep it cute and classy, and let some character show. 

Set up a portable bar cart / beverage station for your guests...I adore this one! #BringInSpring:


And of course, some fun DIY centerpieces. Gathering this many corks makes drinking wine feel productive! 

Wine and cheese party/wedding inspiration:


And this is SO CUTE. I love this idea, and it's also functional too! Another easy DIY!


Ice 'Buckets':


Or go less sophisticated, and more fun with a nice little touch like this :)


Fun for summer!:


Can't wait to make these dreams a reality!


Send us your Summer Cocktail inspirations! 


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